Part 35 (After Party) : A Lovely Twirl by Miti Gupta


By - Miti Gupta 

Part 35 - After Party

After the party all the 4th year students were standing on the college's gate, with their luggage. Leaving the college was something painful. They were all hugging eachother with teary eyes n bidding a good bye to everyone. The knew that from here, their lives gonna change completely. They were going to enter a new world, basically a world of maturity, where they have to become capable enough to take right decisions their own. There fun with friends now gonna change into work with colleagues ........

Sanyukta was about to leave with Randhir n Tanya for their home , but a familiar voice interrupted them at the moment. She turned to see who's behind her n found her brother Ankit over there. She jumped n hugged him taut.
S: oh! Bhai , kitne dino k baad dekhaa hai tumhe. Finally meri yaad aa hi gyi , aur vo bhi last day of college. Do u know main aur Randhir ham dono ki highest same % hai. I am so happy.....Ankit too smiled on seeing her sister so happy.

An: wow! Sanyu amazing. Aakhir bhen kiski hai. Accha ab ghar nhi chalna kya.....he asked n her face falls

S: pr bhai dad..... she said with a gloomy face
An: tujhe pta hai dad ne hi mujhe bheja hai tujhe apne sath lane. Main toh bhul hi gya tha.
S: what r u serious? I mean dad ne kyun bulaya hai mujhe, vo toh......Her eyes popped out
An: actually reason toh mujhe bhi nhi pta but vo chahte ki tu ghar aa jaye. May be he wants to sort out the misunderstandings with u. Ab jldi ghar chal

Her faint smile now turned into a wide grin, she had get so much happiness in her life at once. Firstly she had scored highest marks with too her bf n also her bf to proposed her n secondly on the same day her father wants to sort out the misunderstandings with her . Her happiness was perfectly visible in her almonds orbs. She was on cloud 9. She jumped n hugged Randhir.

S: Randhir! I'm so so so happy today. Aaj lagta hai sab kuch hai mere paas. Randhir jo main itne yrs se chahti thi , aaj vo sab mil rha hai mujhe. Thank you , thank u so much, aaj tumhari aur papa ki vajah se yeh meri life ka bestest day hai.
Rd: bola tha na sab theek ho jayega. Main aaj tumhare liye bohot kush hoon, finally tum jo chahti vo ho rha hai.
An: thnx Randhir tumne inn 4 yrs mein Sanyukta ko bohot sambhala hai. Chalo Sanyu ab dinner ke liye Dad hamra wait kr rhe honge.... he said n settled inside the car.

She pecked his cheek n was about to turn when he asked
Rd: ab kab milogi? a childish manner
S: ab seedhe job k first day pe. I mean 6 days baad ..... she winked
Rd: it's too late.
S: thoda wait krlo plz. Fir jab sab sort out ho jayega, toh main tumhare sath hi aaungi na , after marriage... she smiled
Rd: I know, but tumse zada dur nhi reh sakta na...he pouted
S: aadhi engagement ho gyi hai aadhi kr lete hain....she pointed towards his gold ring that he was wearing.
Rd: done... n he removed his ring n handled it to her.

She too kneeled down n posed like him , took his hand n pecked it. N passed the ring in his ring finger. N she stood up.
S: ab maine payment kr di hai... aur yeh interest bhi le lo.... she pecked his cheeks one by one..... aur ab complain mat krna. Aur mujhe mera intersest vapis de bhi dena badmein
Rd: nhi krunga. I love u
S: I love too. Ab jaun?.... she asked
Rd: jana chahti hai toh jau, vaise bhi I am having a magnetic power, aaogi toh mere paas hi.
S: I know that... bye... she turned to go while still looking him. Those who were standing there at the moment had understood that their love has the power making them able to talk with their eyes. Yeah! Their eyes a unique , sparkle had made its place in them.

She sat inside the car n they departed while Randhir waved his hand towards her car. On seeing her going away from him, his heartbeats increased a bit n he started feeling uneasy.
An unknown restlessness emerged in his heart that made his heart to say to him to make her his as soon as possible.
Ta: Randhir! Randhir...she snapped her fingers. Kahan kho gye , ghar chalo.
Rd: ummm. Hmmm, chalo .....n they moved towards their house.

On the other hand Sanyukta reached her house . Ankit took her luggage while she was busy in persistently gazing over the pictures on the walls . It has been 4 yrs n she hasn't seen her house at once. But now it seemed that everything gonna fine soon. Suddenly she heard the voice of her father which broke her chain of thoughts. She turned n looked at her father n got rooted at her place.
S: managed to chip.
An: arre khadi kyun beth aur pani pi le......he offered her a glass of water.
Dad: tu aa gyi beta. Aur bta tera result kaisa tha.....on hearing her father referring her as beta was something she craved from 9 yrs. N finally her wished fulfilled. She wanted to cry out in happiness ,but managed somehow. She was surprised on her father's action as he tried to talk to to her also he asked her for her result.
S: vo ....vo...main
An: dad apko pta hai she has got highest % in the college.
Dad: really. Well done Sayukta .
S: dad vo toh bas aise hi.
Dad: aise hi kuch nhi hota, I know its only bcoz of ur hardwork. Ab chalo dinner krte hain.

They settled on the dining table n she served all of them the food. While Mr. Aggarwal was smiling looking at her.
An: dad aap aise kyun dekh rhe hain isse.
Dad: isse bohot dino baad dekh rha hoon na. Aur vaise bhi yeh jldi chali jaye gi na.... his words created a tornado of thoughts in her mind . It like that something being cooking up in his mind
S: dad mtlb?
Dad: kuch nhi beta. Tu khana kha le.

After finishing the dinner, she took the dishes n put them on the kitchen slab n then came out from there.
Dad: Sanyukta , beta kal zara mujhe tujhse kuch baat krni hai , toh kal hum bahar chalenge....n she nodded in a yes while Mr. Aggarwal moved towards his room.

S: bhai , yeh daa ko kya ho gya hai, I mean mujhse itne acche se baat kr rhe hain. Mera khayal rakh rhe hain. Aur inhe mujhse kya baat krni hai?
An:vo toh mujhe bhi nhi pta, pr ho sakta hai, unhe apni pata chal gya ho ki jo kuch hua usmein tera koi fault nhi. Chal tu thak gyi hogi soja.

In her room , she was sitting on her bed, thinking about how her life is taking a twirl after another. A single day n so many changes , she could not resist to smile, finally she ws getting all the happiness she wanted. She looked at the diamond ring which she was wearing, reminding all the moments she spent with Randhir, n then her phone buzzed, showing Randhir n she picked it up.
Rd: hello, kaisi ho?
S: bohot kush! She exclaimed
Rd:aur main aklela.
S: tumne bola tha na, tum complaint nhi karoge.
Rd: kya karun tumhari aadat ho gyi hai, n u know na aadat main iss aadat ko ka bhi nhi chodna chahta.
S: haan, main bhi tumhe miss kr rhi hoon.
Rd: toh tumhare ghar aa jaun?
S: nhi nhi, ab apne mom dad k sath aana mera hath mangne.
Rd: koi bohot restless ho rha hai shaadi k liye.
S: yeh sab chodo, tumhe pta aaj dad ne itne saalon mein mujhse acche se baat ki. Mujhe beta bulaya , aur toh aur mere result k baare mein bhi pucha. Aisa lag rha hai ki main sabse special hoon..... he smiled on listening to her cheery voice.
Rd:kisi aurk liye ho na ho pr mere liye ho....he mouthed while making her blush
N now stop blushing.
S: tumhe kaise pta? Main blush nhi kr rhi hoon
Rd: liar, I know u r.
S: Randhir, thank u. Tum nhi hote na toh shayad kabhi mujhe itni khushi nhi milti.
Rd: maine kya kiya?
S: bohot kuch hai btane ko pr abhi nhi , abhi mujhe neend aa rhi , vaise puri life hai btane ko.... she said yawningly n cut the call
Rd: pagal... he chipped while smiling on her crazy talks.

N both dozed off while thinking about eachother.

But the night which seemed to be the happiest wasn't in actual the happiest. Some unexpected was waiting to be happen soon. A tragedy or what?. Stay tuned to k ow more.
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......To be Continue in next the Part !! 

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